How to effectively respond to a negative review

All businesses make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes lead to negative reviews. In today’s digital marketing world, most business owners will encounter the issue of having a negative review. Despite you doing your best on giving quality and exceptional service to your customers a negative review might still occur.

Believe it or not, according to studies, responding to a review whether it’s a positive or a negative can still bring a positive impact to your business. Sometimes, negative reviews are not even due to a mistake but simply uncontrollable events or mismatch of taste. As frustrating as it may be, you have to respond to it as soon as possible and try to make things right. Below are some things to keep in mind when you respond to a negative review.

1.)    Respond as Quickly as possible

“Time is money”. Responding to reviews as quickly as possible is important. If a customer feels dissatisfied enough to post a review on your business page you should take time and respond seriously to their negative feedback.

2.)    Acknowledge the Complaint

Showing your customer your willingness to solve the problem and see things their way says a lot about your business personality. Not every customer will be satisfied with your service and sometimes it might affect your mood but you have to hold your emotions back and read the negative review objectively.

3.)    Apologize

After acknowledging your customer’s negative experience, now it is time to issue an apology and empathize. Apologizing to your customers instead of arguing with them is one example of  customer service. It might be hard to apologize but sometimes it is all that the customer wants to hear.

4.)    Take Responsibility

Customers deserve an explanation whether it’s your fault or not. Taking responsibility might be hard sometimes but the last thing that the negative reviewer wants to hear from you is excuses. Regardless if it is your fault or not you as a business owner should take the responsibility because at the end of the day it is what you and do will always reflect on your business.

5.)    Make it Right

Taking responsibility also means making things right and finding a solution. If the issue can be fixed, fix it. If not, try to meet halfway. Offer a refund if the customer deserves it, give coupons or vouchers, or maybe try offering a free service or product to make up for the last mistake. Find ways on how you can make your customer satisfied.

Always keep in mind, getting the root cause of why they gave a negative review and trying to solve it is one of the keys to turn things around. All businesses are bound to make mistakes at some point, and by giving them that clarity into where things went wrong, you’re showing them a human side to your business. Sometimes, this can result in the customer deciding to turn down the negative review or maybe even changing it into a positive one.

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