DIY Renovations to Increase the Value of your Home!

Whether you simply want to improve your home or you just want to flex on your friends, you want your home as valuable-looking as possible, not only in your eyes but to everyone who would witness its glory. Maybe you’re planning to invite some friends over or maybe you’re putting it up for sale, the more valuable it looks, the better. 

But you might ask yourself, how can you increase its value with the least expenses possible? 

That is the question most people ask when they’re going to put their home on sale. Maybe adding more expensive furniture would do the trick? Maybe add more sockets on the walls? Or maybe enlarge the living room a little bit to make it look more attractive? Or maybe just pay the real estate agent altogether so he would go the extra mile in complimenting your home?

You can do all these but they’re not really that helpful. Moreover, they’re either time consuming or expensive. 

What if I say you can increase the value of your home without spending more than you could afford? 

Stick with me and find out!

Why increase the value of your home?  

Everyone wants a better-looking home and it goes for everyone. At one point in your life, you probably dreamt of staying in an elaborate home filled with interior designs that cost hundreds if not millions of dollars. Deep inside we all want a better home. Increasing the value of your home has the same premise, it’s like getting a new and attractive home without buying a new one yourself.

What are we waiting for? Let’s delve straight into it

  • Cleaning your home 

Yes, increasing the value of your home doesn’t start with buying expensive furniture and expensive interior designs. It all starts with cleaning it. Although it may not look like much, I can confidently assure that cleaning your home increases its value. Ask any passersby and they would say the same thing. 

After all, what is expensive furniture if the home is as dusty as someone’s basement who was locked away for years? 

Start from the ceilings, remove all the dirt blemishes there then work on the walls. After seeing that it’s spic-and-span, you can continue with the floor. Maybe move some of your furniture around while you’re at it. Not only will it refresh the scenery, but it would also make your home look incredibly more valuable than before. 

Before you change your mind, start cleaning and increase the value of your home!

  • Replacing Cushions, Beddings, and Curtains

Replacing your Cushions, Beddings, and Curtains doesn’t mean you buy new and expensive ones for your home. It simply means that you change the color or the theme of your cushions. You can either dye it or simply pull out new ones from your storage and replace them. This will serve as a refresher and it would certainly improve the looks and value of your home. 

You might not know it but changing simple things such as these in your home would give it a new and refreshing look. It might be the change your home needs to be sold at last!

  • Beautifying your Garden 

An inspiring quote once went like this. “A garden is a friend that you can visit every time.” There couldn’t be any more fitting description than that about a garden.

And yes, a garden is a friend, not just to the people living there, but a friend to the home that resides beside it. A professional real estate agent would advise a homeowner to tend to his garden before selling the home. Beautifying it would totally increase its value in the long run. 

Think about it, the moment you enter someone’s property, you’re eyes would gaze on the garden first before the interior, right? Simply put, the garden is the first impression of the home. This will resonate through all your guests before they even step inside. 

Now that doesn’t mean that you buy bermuda grass and buy expensive plants to beautify your garden. There are affordable plants and flowers that greatly enhance the looks of the garden. There are even cheap herbs you can buy that would make your garden smell so fragrant that people will be attracted to it. Also, don’t forget to mow the lawn and maintain it so that it won’t look rough and ragged. More on that later. 

A normal person who’s planning to buy a home would certainly choose a home with a more attractive garden than the other one. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful garden like that?

  • Maintaining your home

Last but not the least, in order to increase the value of your home, you need to do another thing- one that requires effort and time. 


It might not sound serious but if you’re selling your home, then it’s a different matter altogether. A well-maintained home will almost always get bought since that means the previous owner really did take care of it. This would also give the buyer a mindset that they won’t have to wonder whether the shower would work or not tomorrow when they decide to get a bath, or the toilet won’t flush when you have to take that much-needed release, or someone somehow just forgot to mow the lawn. In any case, maintaining your home should be a top priority if you want it to increase value. It might be arduous and time-consuming but it’s definitely worth it. 

With all these laid out for your arsenal, you could definitely increase the value of your home without spending a lot of money. If you want to flex, or you just want to increase the price of your home to earn more when you sell it, then this article is for you! 

Remember, it doesn’t take a day to increase the value of your home, it takes plenty of time and effort. That garden needs mowing, your windows need polishing, and those cushions need replacing. Starting it now would produce more results and possibly money in the near future!

So start now, do these renovations and increase the value of your home!

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