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Importance of Company Culture to Employees

A positive workplace culture rewards well. Finding the right individuals as businesses grow might be difficult in the current job market. Businesses must take into account a variety of structures, such as on-site, hybrid, and remote models, as well as alluring staff advantages like flexible scheduling and paid time off. Everyone wants high compensation, but there is a limit to what workers will give up to acquire it. A strong company culture may defend your organization by generating employee pleasure and long-term goodwill.

The attitudes and actions of a company and its employees are referred to as its “company culture.” It is clear from how employees engage with one another, from the principles they uphold, and from the choices they make. In our most recent blog post (, we discussed the value of company culture and how it affects your business.

Company culture is crucial to employers, too, because workers who fit in with the company culture are likely to not only be happier, but more productive. The likelihood that an employee will desire to work for a firm for a longer period of time increases when they fit in with the culture, which lowers turnover and the related expenses of training new workers.

Teamwork, Excellence, Attitude, Care, and Honesty is Ashford Communities core value. In line with this, we asked some of our employees to share with us their favorite core value and what it means to them. Here are the feedbacks and answers to have below:

My favorite Ashford Core Value is Teamwork. It is my favorite because I realized at an early age that things happen through people. To me personally, no single person can do everything alone. Instead, you need a group of strong, skilled, supportive individuals to help you make things happen. In my time working in Human Resources & People Operations, I have learned that a strong team enables the entire group and can help achieve success through communication, collaboration, and accountability.  Plus, working with others is fun! Helen Keller said it best, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Kevin Barrios

“My favorite core value is Caring – What it means for me is that we care about each other, our clients, and our communities, where we aim to create a welcoming and diverse environment.”- Nicolle Carranza

Caring is my favorite core value. Caring about our residents, employees, lenders, and investors is the most important thing to me and treating them like I treat my own family.” – Amer Kumar

“My favorite core value is “teamwork” and this is the reason why: Teamwork is the keyword for success. Also, I believe many of us can agree that another nice thing about teamwork is that you can always count on those that you have by your side. Investing time, knowledge, and trust in your team members increases the opportunity of having great results. I have always believed that greater things are achieved when there are two instead of one; More strength, more ideas, and more support. Without my team, I would not be the person I am today.” – Lilian Morales

‘‘My favorite core value is T – Teamwork, what it means to me is that we not only work “together” but we TRUST and RELY on each other on all aspects. In other words, the best way to exceed our everyday duties is by working for UNITED as a strong and trustworthy team.” – Coroline Wesevich

Retaining top talent and attracting excellent applicants will be made easier by creating a strong organizational culture. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that a successful company culture raises the levels of employee engagement, productivity, and performance.

For the upcoming generation of workers looking to enter the workforce, organizational culture is now a top priority. These workers are joining the workforce during a moment of profound change for the conventional office setting, and are seeking a sense of community that comes from sharing values and objectives with coworkers.

This year was full of achievements but this year we made a major push and focused on our company core values. That being said, we’re beyond ecstatic to announce and share to you all our involvement and achievement of the following awards; Top Work Places Regional Award (Houston) 2022, Best Places to Work in Multi-family 2022 and Top Work Places USA 2023. 

Here are a few of Ashford Communities accomplishments last year:

  • We acquired Cameron Grove, making this our 5th Austin property
  • Refinanced Ashford Costa Azure
  • 11 million in capex
  • Recognized “Best place to work” & “Best place to work in Multifamily” awards.
  • Our occupancy increased from 88% to 90%
  • Google reviews increased from 4 to 4.3
  • Reinstated our happy hours and mid year event, making our events more engaging and intentional.

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