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How to throw an outdoor Thanksgiving Meal in your Texas Apartment

You can absolutely have your Thanksgiving meal outside if you’re clever about it, regardless of whether you live somewhere warm or cold. Unlike dining inside, you’ll need to take precautions to keep the food warm and shield everyone from the weather. Because let’s face it, whether it’s raining or shining outside your Texas apartment, folks will need their fill of stuffing. We’ve gathered some advice for planning a good, seasonally appropriate outdoor lunch below.

1. Set up lightweight tables

It’s a good idea to set up multiple tables if you don’t have a sizable outside table. To encourage dialogue, we suggest buying low-cost, portable folding card tables and setting them up loosely in a circle. Bring your indoor chairs outside, or decorate the tables with your favorite tablecloths and set some folding chairs around them.

2. Warm Up the Food and Drinks

When you take food outside in a cool atmosphere, it will cool down remarkably quickly. Additionally, nobody likes to consume ice-cold mashed potatoes. Use serving utensils with covers and make an investment in a variety of insulated serving utensils for each table. You might want to get some insulated glasses for warm beverages and for cold beverages, make sure to have a separate chiller and ice to ensure that drinks are always cold.

3. Keep everyone warm.

Consider keeping a few clean blankets nearby at each table because warm diners are content eaters. If you really want to boost the game, get some blankets in complementary seasonal colors and place one over the back of each chair. Another excellent investment is one or two heat lights. The blankets and heat lights can be used for outdoor entertaining far into the fall.

4. Create a Magical Ambiance to Set the Mood

Flowers in vases and sparkling lights will make a big difference. Here are a couple of additional strategies to truly wow everyone, though. When dining at night, you should first check that the tables are well-lit. On each table, stylish battery-operated lanterns will do the trick.

Outdoor dining is a creative way to celebrate the holidays with family and friends and provides a wonderful festive environment. In order to throw a good outdoor meal, prepare your pans, set the table, cook the turkey, and cross your fingers for cooperative weather. Happy Thanksgiving!

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