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Question to ask when decluttering your closet

Nothing is more frustrating than opening your closet in your Texas Apartment and discovering that you have no clothes to wear. Not because you lack clothing, but because you dislike it, it doesn’t fit, or it is uncomfortable.

You’d like to clean out your closet, but where should you begin?

The key is to understand how to declutter your closet. So when you open your closet door tomorrow morning, you’ll only see clothes that you enjoy wearing.

Do I genuinely love it?

One reason to declutter your closet is to pare down your wardrobe to only the items you truly love. Nothing is worse than opening your closet doors and seeing nothing but clothes you despise. Similarly, there’s nothing better than opening your closet doors to find clothing you adore.

So the first question to ask yourself is whether or not you love the item. 

If you answered yes, proceed to the next question in the series.

If the answer is no, why are you wearing this item of clothing? Does it fill a void in your closet, or is it tucked away so you never have to see it? Toss it into the pile of discarded clothing unless you absolutely need it, such as your last pair of shoes.

Do I Put It On?

The next question to ask about your clothing is whether or not you wear it. Everyone accumulates a few items of clothing in their closet that they never wear. These might even be items you like, but they don’t fit your current lifestyle, aren’t the right size, or are uncomfortable.

If you answered yes, you should be looking at something you both love and wear by now. Proceed to the next question.

If not, try it on and wear it for a few minutes. You might come across a hidden treasure in your closet. On the other hand, it could be too tight, not your style, or something you’ve had since you were a teenager or in college.

If it’s the latter, why are you still wearing this outfit? Do you really need clothes to remind you of good times in the past?

Does It Fit?

The final point to consider is whether the item of clothing actually fits.

If the item does fit, you now have a comfortable item that you enjoy wearing. It also projects the image you want the world to see. Keep the item of clothing and put it back in your closet.

Why are you keeping something that doesn’t fit? If you intend to lose weight, you should replace your clothing when you reach your goal weight. You won’t want to wear clothes from three years ago.

Does It Project The Image I Want?

Now consider whether the piece of clothing projects the image you want to project to the world.

If you answered yes, proceed to the next question.

Otherwise, consider why you have this item. If it’s from your adolescence or college, it probably doesn’t represent who you are today. We all change and grow over time, and our clothing should do the same.

Having a simpler, decluttered wardrobe full only of clothes that you love to wear will save you time and stress getting dressed and make it a much more enjoyable experience! Instead of throwing away the clothes that you declutter, consider donating them to charity. Not only will it make your Houston home clean but you will also help other people by donating. 

 If you don’t have any idea where to donate them consider swinging by Ashford Communities Willow Falls apartment and dropping by the clothes you want to donate and we’ll handle it for you.

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