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International Friendship Day “Importance of a Well-balanced Friendship”

Friendships can have a significant impact on your health and well-being, but they are not always easy to develop or maintain. Understand the significance of social connection in your life and what you can do to form and maintain long-lasting friendships.

Friendships can improve your life in a variety of ways. Good friends teach you about yourself and push you to improve. They motivate you to keep going when things get tough and rejoice with you when you succeed.

What is a reasonable number of friends?

Quality is more important than quantity. While having a diverse network of friends and acquaintances is beneficial, you may feel a stronger sense of belonging and well-being by cultivating close, meaningful relationships that will support you through thick and thin. 

Benefits of having a well-balanced Friendship

  • How can I strengthen my friendships?

Healthy friendships require a certain amount of giving and take. Sometimes you’re the one providing assistance, and other times you’re the one receiving it. Friendships can be strengthened by letting them know you care about them and appreciating them can help to enhance your relationship. It is just as vital for you to be a good friend as it is to be surrounded by good friends.

  • Friends Offer Emotional Support

If you are going through a difficult time, having a friend to assist you can make the transition easier. Happiness is also contagious among friends, according to research. One study of high school students discovered that depressed students were twice as likely to recover if they had happy friends. Similarly, children with “healthy mood” friends were half as likely to develop depression.

  • Friends encourage you to do your best.

Friends can also have a positive impact. You are more likely to develop those values if you make friends with people who are generous with their time, help others, ambitious, or family-oriented. Great friends can shape you into the best version of yourself.

Everyone experiences stressful events. If you know you can rely on others, you may be less likely to perceive a difficult time as stressful.

Friends can also assist you in dealing with stressful situations. According to one small study, when children spend time with their friends during a stressful situation, they produce less cortisol, a stress hormone.

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