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Surprise Your Dad With These 5 Quick Activities This Father’s Day

As Father’s Day nears, we’re sure you’ve already spent time selecting the perfect present for your dad and crafting the perfect caption to accompany the photo of you two that you’ll post on Instagram and other social media platforms. If you’re looking for fresh ways to celebrate Father’s Day with your favorite guy, we’ve got just the Father’s Day activities to help you create new experiences together.

Below are the 5 quick activities you can do to surprise your Dad this father’s day.

1.) Help your dad wash the car.

This year’s Father’s Day, it’s sunny and bright, which will be ideal for a much-needed car wash. You could even turn it into a water fight by filling some water balloons and grabbing some water pistols. Not only your dad will save up some money on a car wash, but it will also serve as a productive time between the two of you. Don’t forget to clean up the inside of your dad’s car too and if you are feeling extra add some things that you know your dad likes such as an air fresher or a simple phone holder that is surely useful.

2.) Take him shopping.

Your dad might say he doesn’t need or want anything this coming Father’s Day, this could change if you encourage and let him pick out exactly what he wants during a small shopping trip. You could also buy him something that for sure he’ll like, ex. Clothes, Tools, Shoes, accessories for his car, or maybe new appliances that he can add to his Texas apartment.

3.) Take a trip by car.

Fill the car with the family, turn on the music, and drive the scenic road. Whether you go to the beach or to your father’s favorite national park. You could also visit his favorite hangout place or visit his parents, or even just drive around town spontaneously. This trip will undoubtedly be remembered as long as you have your family and some snacks on board. You can also bring your pet with the trip for extra fun!

4.) Cook his favorite food.

Everyone loves food! The perfect cure for his hungry tummy is a perfectly decadent treat/food. Whether your father like treats, steak, or veggies, the look of delight on his face when you give him his favorite food made with love will be priceless.

5.) Take care of a task.

Even the most capable fathers seem to have that one project they’ve “been eyeing to get to,” so this Father’s Day, give him a break while you take care of whatever remaining duties are on his to-do list whether it’s fixing the sink, painting the walls, assembling some furniture, it would be nice to finish it up for your dad and let him relax. You’ll be able to see his gratitude written all over his face.

Nevertheless, whatever you do and plan for Father’s Day our presence and time is the best Father’s Day gift we can give to our dads!

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