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Inflation and Price is On the Rise

It’s not your imagination if things seem a little more expensive these days. For years, Texas Apartments has earned a reputation as a place where families can live comfortably while spending less. However, the economic success of our cities is changing that picture, and the rise in Texas apartments/home prices has outpaced according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. 

Here are some circumstances of the price increase based on the most current and projected market conditions.

  • Inflation

As per the Labor Department study released, the Consumer Price Index increased by 5% compared to the previous year. This is higher than economists predicted. Is this just a  typical temporary deviation as the economy recovers from the pandemic, or will it last?

  • Increase cost of labor

Labor shortages and the highest inflation in three decades have prompted companies to budget 3.9 percent wage increases for 2022, the largest increase since 2008, according to a Conference Board survey. With that being said, employers are forced to increase salaries in order to entice young workers and retain existing employees at a time when a record number of jobs are unfilled and consumers are dealing with the worst inflation in 39 years.

  • Increase cost of material

Even in Texas, which was once considered one of the most affordable states, the growing demand for new homes and the high cost of materials are jeopardizing housing affordability. 

“Rising material costs have been adversely affecting housing affordability and affordable housing for about a year now,” said David Logan, senior economist at the National Association of Homebuilders.

  • The increased cost of demand

The housing industry and its economic factors depend on supply and demand because it is a transactional market that uses buildings and properties. The law of supply and demand determines the conditions under which buyers and sellers interact.

For example, if a town has a high demand but a low supply of housing stock, owners can often get a higher price for their homes. However, if there are many properties for sale and only a few buyers, the sellers may end up receiving less than their asking price.

  • Unit upgrades and renovations

As a rental owner upgrade and renovation is a must if you want your property to be enticing and attract residents. The typical cost of remodeling a home ranges from $19,800 to $73,200, depending on the scope of work, the size of the home, and the quality of materials and equipment used. On average, a whole-house renovation costs $15 to $60 per square foot, while a kitchen or bathroom overhaul costs $100 to $250 per square foot. These factors are one of the reasons why prices increase.

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