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Tips for Hosting Family and Friends in Your Apartment

With the COVID-19 vaccinations in progress, and travelling is slowly getting back to normal, many people are anxious and excited to get together and reunite with their families, friends, and relatives for a day, a weekend, or even longer.

Inviting family or friends over your house can be fun and exciting, but for those living in a 1, or 2 bedroom apartment, hosting guests can be very challenging.

But you can make your experience comfortable and enjoyable with just a little effort. Follow these awesome tips for creative sleeping arrangements for guests. Read on for some ‘no-guest room solutions for overnight guests’.

Clean Up

This is the very first step in preparing  your Texas apartments for hosting overnight guests. Clean, declutter, and give your home, especially the places that you will be sharing with your guests, a thorough cleaning. Get rid of those old newspapers and magazines, remove old shoes, clothes, and stuff that don’t need to be out.

Clear Up Some Space

Preparing your Texas apartment for overnight guests is a good time to rearrange your furniture. You can move and place them against the wall or you can move them to one side of your living room; this is to make more space not only for entertainment, but also for sleeping .It can also serve as space for the stuff that your guests are bringing.

Also make sure that you have free hangers for your guests clothes, and more extra space for their toiletries. 

Make a Makeshift Bed

If you only have one family member, or a friend who’s going to stay for a night or two in your Texas apartment, they’d be fine to use your couch as their bed, but if you have more friends coming over, or even an entire family to stay, you might need a makeshift bed for them. Air mattresses are a good bed alternative.

Place the mattress up against the sofa for your overnight guests to have a makeshift headboard.

Whether your guests will be sleeping on a couch, or a DIY bed, make sure that you give them clean sheets, cozy blankets, and fluffy pillows to help them sleep comfortably.

Get More Bathroom Supplies

Give your guests a five-star treatment by making sure that they have what they need inside your house. That includes body wash, soaps, shampoos, shower gels, toothbrushes, toothpastes, etc. 

Stock up Your Pantry / Kitchen

While you might be eating meals with your guests a lot, it’s also important to have some quick and easy snacks on stock. Get some instant breakfasts like bread, cereals, oatmeals, etc. 

Keep your fridge full of beverages, and make sure that you have a tea or coffee ready especially in the morning.

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