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The Power of Music

They say “music is the best therapy.” This statement still clings true…no matter what culture, race, sex and nationality you are and no matter how different we are with one another, we all enjoy music. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re into as long as it suppresses your mind and makes you feel powerful emotions that translates it to whatever mood you possibly could feel. Whether you’re in a park or in your Houston apartment, music is really powerful. 

Here are some power of music effects to which I’m sure all of us can relate to:

1.   It eases pain and anxiety – according to numerous studies, if you feel emotional pain and or anxiety, all you have to do to help ease that is listen to music. It calms your mind and it immediately sends a positive signal to our brain which helps in reducing or even eliminating anxiety and pain that you feel. Listening to calm, soothing, self-chosen music will calm your mind and increase mobility function.

2.   It is a stress reliever – Tired from a long day of work? Listen to music. Tired from a long day at school? Listen to music. Studies show that music stimulates our brain into lowering our body cortisol levels which is the hormone released in response to stress. It all comes down to the beat of the music. If you listen to fast beat music, it will stimulate cardiovascular activities. If you listen to slow tunes, it will decrease your heart rate and blood pressure. That is why some parents let their babies listen to music to calm them from crying. It helps stabilize the mood of the babies.

3.   It helps with memory – Have you ever tried recalling a moment and you seem not able to? Not until you actually hear a specific song or sing a line of that song. Most studies conducted by researchers have concluded that music does help with memory, especially with individuals with cognitive disorders. Listening to music regularly has a long-term impact with the people with cognitive disabilities and early stages of dementia.

4.   It helps with brain injury and seizures – Studies of numerous researches have concluded that music can help aid brain recovery from people who suffered from stroke. It was also noted that it also helped the patient with store improvement of their language ability after a few weeks of listening to music. It was also discovered by medical researchers that music has different responses from people suffering from seizures and has a great impact on their overall improvement. Therefore, it was concluded that epilepsy patients can use music to calm and soothe their minds.

Can you imagine a world without music? If that happens, think of it as an apocalyptic effect in our world because it will change everyone. From the way they live, love and laugh. If that happens our world will be silenced. No more dancing, singing or even parties. So go ahead listen to music because we may speak different languages, but in the world of music we all speak the same universal language which unites everyone in the world. 

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