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How to Stay Sane this Pandemic

One of the many tackled topics during this pandemic is how to keep our sanity amidst this time. We all have experienced arbitrary thoughts on what our future might look like. Though the negative impact of it may seem inevitable, this is also the time where we could channel our energy and thoughts into something that will benefit ourselves like developing a new skill or discovering a new hobby. The silver lining in this situation is that most of us now have the power of time which we didn’t before pandemic.

Here are some 4 sanity-keeping tips:

Start a journal

Now this may seem pleasing to some, but this actually helps in keeping our sanity by laying down our thoughts through writing. This will also help us think profoundly and discover our inner thoughts. Also, a journal is an effective tool in looking back on past events so consider making a journal as part of your life. Be honest in your journals, there should be no filters, you should be able to write what you think without worrying too much if someone might actually have the chance to read it.

Organize your life 

This is the time where you can actually start the tasks that you have been longing to do since pre covid times. Whether it’s decluttering your closet, fixing your Texas apartment or even planning things that you want to do after this pandemic is now within your grasp.

Health is still wealth 

This is the time where you can now invest in your health. Whether it’s running, cycling, jumping rope, yoga or even strength training, you should invest in your health nowadays because health is the building blocks of our lifestyle. Plus, it’s a way to strengthen our immune system.   If our health is compromised then the rest of our life category would also suffer. Workout at your own pace; don’t start off rough because the risk for injury is high.

Be creative with your workouts because most of the gyms nowadays are either closed or have reduced the number of people inside. Use what you have in your Texas apartment. Remember the movie ROCKY IV when Rocky flew to Russia to fight the Russian boxer who killed his friend in the boxing match? Rocky used what he had inside the house that they were staying in. Lift your couches, use your water tanks as weights, make a workout space inside or outside your house, use your creativity. 

Develop a new skill

This is crucial nowadays because it’s one way to keep our mind going on the right path. Reading books, attending online seminars or even watching empowering videos on YouTube will keep you motivated and help you develop a new skill set which you can use at work or in life. 

The pandemic has taught us a lot of things and gave us a number of realizations. Always remember that keeping your sanity at all costs is the vital and utmost relevant thing that you have to keep, because it is the driving force of strength that you will need in facing the future life challenges.  

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