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How to Start Gardening

Nowadays with the surge of covid-19, a lot of people venture into gardening as a way of keeping themselves occupied and keeping their sanity in place. With a lot of people having their time on their own, they venture into gardening and find peace with it. DId you know that there are alot of benefits in gardening? Not only is it fun but it’s also good for the body and soul. Research shows that people who do gardening have enhanced self-esteem, fewer feelings of depression and fatigue than non-gardeners. Gardening also helps in stabilizing one’s mood. 

Here are some gardening tips that can help you get started. 

  1. CHOOSE WHAT TO GROW – When deciding on what kind of garden it is that you want, you must first decide if you want to grow a vegetable garden or just plants. With this in mind it can help you focus on what you really want to be in the gardening world.Keep in mind that it is always best to start small. Assess yourself if you want to eat what you sow in time or just keep you happy with the plants that you decide to grow. 
  1. CHOOSE A LOCATION – In choosing the location, keep in mind 5 things: sun, soil, spacing, water and nutrients. Our texas apartments have all these just for you, go on and check out ashford communities for your garden space. The  important thing to remember is that you have ample space for your garden and that you are happy with it and do not feel claustrophobic. 
  1. INVEST IN GARDEN TOOLS – Equipment plays a vital role in gardening. They could help you grow your garden in a healthy manner. Cleaning up the debris without harming your plants with the right tool is substantial. You could also use them to plant your seeds the right way. Get the basics: Shovel, gloves, Hand trowel, Hand fork, Digging fork, Rake and Secateurs. 
  1. CHOOSE YOUR GARDEN SEEDS – By this time you should have established what kind of garden you want to grow. In choosing your garden seeds keep in mind that you should: 1. Find locally grown seeds 2. Use organically grown seeds 3. Choose non-invasive plants 4. Check growing conditions 5. Pay attention to seed quantities. 
  1. PLANT WITH CARE – THis means you have to take it easy and not be too hard when you start to plant your seeds. Keep in mind that you have to: 1. Feel the soil to know how often you need to water your plants 2. It is better to underwater than overwater your plants 3. Skip fertilization of plants if you are unsure 4. Place low light plants in bathroom.

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