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How Property Manager’s Protect their Amenities During Pandemic

 DISINFECTION – Cleaning and sanitization includes the utilization of physical or substance cycles to decrease, eliminate, inactivate, or obliterate pathogenic microorganisms Cleaning and sanitization strategies are significant in controlling the spread or move of microorganisms between creatures, between areas, or to individuals. The potential for spread or move of microorganisms can happen from the immediate or circuitous defilement of hardware, offices, vehicles, individuals and the development of creatures or creature items.

LIMITING THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE – By limiting the volume of people will help the management to minimize the chance of spreading the virus. It’s important during a pandemic to utilize and strengthen the security of every facility. By doing this it will also benefit the people(guests) and the management, because if there are a large number of people that are infected, there’s a huge chance that the government will stop/close the place.

LIMITED SCHEDULE – In order to tone down the percentage of spreading the virus, the management implements a limited schedule weekly. The number of people will gradually decrease, making them adjust and will only go to facilities if it’s only needed. The management can also implement a scheduled appointment first before going to those facilities, places, rooms, etc.

ESSENTIALS – Visitors, guests, employees etc. must follow the protocol and wear masks at all times. The management provides sanitizers/disinfectant alcohols to prevent the spreading of virus. Even if the management provides these essentials the people must also have their personal essential kit (alcohol, facemask, and faceshield if required).

TEMPERATURE CHECK – During the pandemic, the management have to check their guests temperature before he or she comes inside the facility or do related activity. Feeling your guest’s forehead is quick but is not an exact method. Using a digital thermometer is the best way to know if your guest and employee has a fever. A digital forehead (temporal) thermometer uses infrared light to measure the temperature under the skin on the forehead. Most newer models don’t have to touch the forehead. The management may use them to reduce the risk of spreading germs, bacteria and viruses.

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