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Everything you Need to Know About 4th of July

Way back in 1776 on July 4th, the United States of America was formed. Back then there were not 50 states but 13 colonies. These colonies claimed their independence from the hands of Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson, one of the country’s founding fathers and who eventually became the 3rd president of the United States of America, drafted the Declaration of Independence and the rest was history.

Since the 4th of July is one of the most favorite summer holidays in the United States, here are some things that we should be thankful for and remember this day.

  1. Gratitude for the People who fought for our freedom.

Millions of people fought so hard for our independence and served our country with all that they have. Some even gave their lives for the sake of our freedom and independence. 

In line with that, we should never forget all the people who fought for our freedom, especially those who gave up their own life and for their families who lost and sacrificed so much.

  1. Opportunity to Participate in Government

Being able to vote, voice our opinions, get involved on the issues that matter to us, and run for office are some of the best privileges we had when we got our independence. 

Thanks to our founding fathers, people who fought for the country, and brave leaders, we can get involved in politics and the democratic process.

  1. Freedom to choose our Belief

Not all people nor countries can choose the religion or god they want to worship. When we finally had our independence, we became free to choose our faith without any fear of being persecuted, arrested, or shut down.

Being able to be open about our faith is something that we should be thankful for, especially Christianity due to a lot of countries restricting the practice of it.

  1. Having to enjoy Peace

The fact that you can finally sleep peacefully at night in your Houston apartment without having to worry about war or our safety is a big thing, unlike other countries that are still up to this date fighting for their independence. 

Overall, America is a nation of peace and safety. 

As we celebrate the 4th of July, it is nice to remember the real reason why we celebrate it. In that way, we can fully appreciate the simple things that we have right now.

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